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To be considered for membership to the C-HOG group please fill out the information below.

If you do not own/operate a Humvee or Hummer product, you may not have your information posted on the owner's gallery... C-HOG is an OWNER'S group, not a fan site or a Replica site.

This registration form is required to be included on the owner's gallery and the C-HOG notification mailing list. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will never be sold, distributed, or published without your express concent. Some fields are required, some are optional. You may also elect to have certain information saved with C-HOG but not shown on the owner's gallery.

NOTE: If you are accepted into the group and your information is posted you are expected to try to participate in group events.

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Do have a picture we can use for your member photo on the web?
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Last Updated: 11-Jul-2008